Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Whats in my makeup Bag?

Hey guys, todays blog is going to be about what’s in my makeup bag. This isnot what’s in my every day make up bag. I usually carry this much make up if I amgoing away for the weekend or going out at night. Im going to Wasaga for theweekend so this is what I am going to bring.

Staring from the middle right: 

1.     Mayballine, Fit mefoundation- color 230

2.     Rimmel London,Exaggerate waterproof eye definer,

3.     Gosh Mascara, waterproof

4.     The Body Shop concelor,lightening touch

5.     L’Oreal Paris, CarbonBlack, Lineur Intense liquid eye liner

6.     Hard Candy, bombshellblush/bronzer

7.     Annabelle, Haute Gold,bronzer

8.     Mac Studio Fix, NC42

9.     Essence, Gel Liner, Black

10.  Mac,studio finish concealer,  NW30

11.  Mac,spring sheen, shimmer tone, shimmer blush

12.  Amirror

13.  Eyelash curler

14.  Blixtex

15.  Tweezers

16.  Blushbrush

17.  SigmaDuo Fibre Powder/ Blush Brush

18.  Sigma-Tapered Face

Friday, 20 July 2012

DIY Face Scrub

Hey guys, this is a quick Do it yourself face scrub, some of the face scrubs can be very expensive but if you have all the right ingredients at home, why not just make one.

All you will be needing for this is brown sugar, and olive oil. ( you can use any other kind of oil if you prefer)

All you have to do is get a bowl put 2-3 spoons of brown sugar and half 1 tea spoon of oilive oil, depending on how dry your skin is you can add more or less. then you mix the ingredients together and apply evenly on your face. (I prefer you do this over the sink or in the bath tube because it does tend to get a bit messy)

Once your done applying it to your face leave it on for about 5-10 minutes, in your face starts to feel itchy that means its working and its time to take it off with hot water, and then cold water. The hot water will open your pores and the cold water will lock them in again. At this point your face should feel VERY moisturized. It is not necessary to apply any moisturizer to your face.

You can also make more and apply it on to the rest of your body aswell. Maybe your legs, arms or your stomach. It’s a great way to keep your skin moisturized

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Quick fix for oily hair

Does anyone have the problem of really oily hair at the roots? Sometimes it can be really annoying, because especially in the summer hair tends to get oily really fast. You can use dry shampoos, but some of them can be very expensive. Or you can just make your own. There are a lot of easy recipes that can help you get rid of your oily hair.

The ingredients you need are:
1 table spoon of corn starch
4 table spoons of water
1 table spoon of rubbing alcohol 

Mix it all together, and pour it into a spray bottle that you can keep forever. It wont go bad and you can use it whenever you wish. 

If you do have oily hair it is really important to buy the right shampoo, there are many shampoos that have a lot of harsh chemicals in them that cause our hair either to dry out or to get oily. Look for shampoos that are SULFATE FREE. I even tried using baby shampoo for a while and it helped a bit to rehydrate my hair. I also made hair masks with olive oil, and honey.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pop Of Colour

Hey guys, hope everyone’s having a good evening. Today is another outfit of the day blog post, it seems as though most of my viewers like these posts. Today I just had school and was running around doing some errands.  Today I wore a teal colored sweater because it was a little chilli, and tights. A very simple outfit with a pop of color.  
Some other options for wearing this outfit are wearing a pair of light colored skinny and a pair of nude flats with another bright colored purse that goes well with the teal top. Maybe something like a purple, or neon pink. Neon colors are one of the biggest trends this season! For jewelry I kept it very simple I didn’t want to over do it since these colors are already very bright.  

The Top is from Blue Notes outlet, I literally got it for $10!! I got a size larger because I wanted it to be over sized. The tights are also from blue notes, for $5.

This watch is from Suzy Sheir I really dont remember how much it was, but im guessing $15. The spike bracelet is from forever 21 for $3

These shoes are from Ardene I purchased them the same time i purchased my other nude flats.

This bag is from H&M for $30

I got these earrings from Forever 21 aswell, they were $4.50

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Random Blog Post

Hey guys, hope everyones having a wonderful afternoon. Today’s blog post is not going to be anything related to fashion. It’s going to be books that help us become better people and keep us motivated when you feel down. There are four books that I love and that have helped me through alot.

The first book is called The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne I got this book from Coles, most of you may have already heard of this book. It is basically about applying the knowledge of the law of attraction and controlling your every though and making it a positive one. It stresses that whatever you have created in your life you have attracted it because you are constantly thinking either negative or positive thoughts. I honestly recommend everyone read this book. There is also a documentary on it but personally I think that it’s boring

The second book is called The Daily Book Of Positive Quotations written by Linda Picone I got this book of Amazon. This book is truly one of my favourites. For each day of the month, there is a positive quotation from some of the world’s greatest thinkers on living well. After each quotation there is a little paragraph to help you think about what the quote means, and also to help you think about the quote.
for example today’s quote says:

The third book is called Your Best Life Begins Each Morning, written by Joel Osteen. This book I also purchased on Amazon. This again is a day by day reading book. For each day there are passages from the bible in this book, and in a paragraph under are explained in more detail with real life examples. I am not a Christine but I believe in God and believe the teachings and wisdom are the same in every religion.

The last book is called The Magic, also written by Rhonda Byrne. This book I also got from Coles. This book is a 28 day challenge to accept gratitude and to use it in your life everyday of every minute of every second. It helps you practice gratitude to make YOUR life better in your relationship, job, and health. At the end of each practice there is homework for you to do. Either something to do in the morning, at night or throughout the day so you are frequently practicing gratitude in your life. At the end of 28 days you will be filled in gratitude.


Thank you for viewing my blog and stay positive throughout today and the rest of the days.

“There are as many nights as days and the one is just as long as the other in the year’s course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.
-Carl Gustav Jung

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Jewelry Organization

Hey guys, this is just a quick blog on how I organize some of my jewelry that I wear on a every day basis. Since I have a lot of earrings I found it very hard for me to organize them, the more my collection grew the more un organized everything I got. So I decided to just buy little things that would make it more organized and also went online and looked at how other people would organize their collection of jewelry. I mostly looked at YouTube guru’s some of them are DulceCandy87, That’s Heart, Its Judy Time, and Jlovesmac1. And I randomly just posted one of my favourite shoes, there kind of in bad shape but they are my go to shoes when going out.
Hope you guys like the post.

"I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it."
— Alexander McQueen

this was inspired by a beauty guru on you tube its a great way to see what you have so you can actually wear everything!

im not that big of a fan of necklaces i hardly ever wear any, but i like the idea of hanging them on the wall gives your room a cool look. my collection isnt that big but if yours is go ahead and try it out!

i got this from Dollarama for $2 i put all my braclets in here

along with the picture above i place all my braclets in here awell it would bought from the sae dollarama

before i had this my earings were so unorganized, this was bought from Forever 21, im not sure if they still have them there but you can find so many things similar to something like this.

Hope you guys were some what inspired from this post,thanks

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Top 5 fashion/grooming tips for all you guys out there!

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s for all you guys!

1.       Shoes, most guys shoes are worn out and shabby looking. Or they don’t even match anything that is in their closet and their mom has been yelling at them to throw them out. LOOSE the worn out shoes and go buy a nice pair of converse, Nike’s, or Jordan’s and take care of them! And get a color that matches most of your clothing items. Like black, grey or white. You don’t want to be wearing bright red shoes with everything else being green. That’s just a wrong. If you like those types of colors maybe wear all black and red shoes or etc.

2.       Facial hair, depending on the girl that your trying to impress that day, week, or month loll see what she likes and trim or grow your facial hair out for her. For those guys that like to keep their facial hair it doesn’t hurt cleaning it up every now and then. You can still have a scruffy type of look going on just clean it up.

3.       Hair, I know most of you guys just wake up and come to school, if you have long hair work with it some girls actually like that, buy some styling gel and give it a messy look. If you have short hair you lucky you don’t have to do anything if you get sick grow it out, or wear a hat that matches something you’re wearing, I’m not saying match your whole outfit and color coordinate it. Keeping it simple is the way to go

4.       Know your body shape and size; find clothes that fit YOUR body. Everyone is different and has different types of clothing that look good on them. First find the size you think is appropriate, the baggy look forget about it, it’s all about having your clothes FIT you. You don’t want your shirt or pants to look tight either, know your size and buy your clothes accordingly.

5.       Buy a nice watch. It’s okay for guys to have accessories as well. Buy a nice watch it doesn’t have to be $500. Just something that looks nice and goes well with your look.

Everyday doesn’t have to be a fashion show, it takes little effort to look presentable if you have the right things to work with, think twice before you buy something and always make sure YOU feel comfortable with what you are wearing!